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Hi, I'm Shelby.
I write health and
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lay audiences.


Social Media and Vaccine Misinformation

Surveys of nearly 2,500 Americans found that people who use traditional media are less likely to be misinformed about vaccines than social media users...

To Love and Regenerate the Earth: Pioneer spotlight on Don Weaver

“Generous worldwide soil remineralization is not just another nice idea or ‘option’ to make the world greener, but a most fundamental climate-rebalancing and world-saving necessity.”

Even the Resilient Tardigrade Has an Achilles Heel

Climate change is already affecting many habitats and ecosystems. As a result, scientists are working to understand how the rising temperatures we face...

About me

I write about the intersection of science with daily life and what that means for the layperson.

My background is a smorgasbord of experience from healthcare operations to after-death services, event production to proofreading legal transcripts, copyediting to writing family education materials for an academic medical center.

Now I'm a full-time wordsmither and traveler. When I'm not writing, I enjoy reading, podcasts, exploring, yoga, and anything that gets me outside with my dog.

Words are the most powerful force for change we have at our disposal. They teach. They inspire. They direct action. Used appropriately, they lift people up and solve problems.

I've partnered with non-profits, small businesses, academia and healthcare organizations to create engaging and educational content for their audiences, and I look forward to partnering with you.

Here's what my clients are saying...

I was at my wit’s end — not knowing where and how to start. I needed to make a major breakthrough, and Shelby came in like a godsend.

Kat Y.

I appreciate [Shelby's] keen attention to detail and creative approach to producing the highest quality of work. She is intelligent, organized, and easy to work with!

Lisa W.

You have done a TERRIFIC job, and we are so appreciative of you! I would like our firm to use your services in the future.

Sarah F.

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